35 year old woman executive with high levels of stress at work, a dedicated wife and mother of three young children, started experiencing fatigue and attention deficit. Getting out of bed every morning was a task. Getting to work in time was now becoming a challenge — getting to work everyday was a mammoth task. She was quick to lose her temper – with her family first and then with her team at work. Memory and clear thinking was a thing of the past. She began indulging in sugary treats and other energy boosters resulting in other ailments. Her work and marriage, both were at stake!

45 year old male executive with high levels of stress at work started experiencing palpitations, severe bouts of headaches, fullness in abdomen, frequent early morning loose stools, panic attacks and sleeplessness. His ability to function normally especially during high profile meetings was being challenged. His blood pressure was high despite regular medications from his GP.

21 year old agent working for a Call Centre, had targets to meet daily. The stress was so high that she began to resort to energy drinks and coffees to boost her energy levels. Irritability, loss of appetite, trembling uncontrollably in the absence of the energy drinks became part of her usual day. She was prescribed anti depressives by her GP which did not help much.

The personal details of all the above cases have been altered slightly for the privacy of the patients.

In all three cases

  • Prescribed Homeopathy remedies
  • Diet was monitored
  • Simple mechanisms for coping with stress were addressed

All the three cases have completed their course with Homoeopathy remedies and doing well in their respective workplaces! They have also established a good work-life balance that has improved their relationships at home.