Homeopathy for the Stressed Workforce!
May 7, 2016
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Homoeopathy for the Stressed Workforce: Are You an Active / Passive Couch Potato?

Couch PotatoAre you an active or a passive couch potato? Research shows that most people having white collar jobs spend 95% of their waking hours sitting – while driving, at the desk at work, meetings, having lunch and dinner, playing computer games, watching TV, reading, etc.

However, if you have walked briskly for a sustained period of 30 minutes, you fall in the category of active couch potatoes or labelled as ‘physically active’ by the public health system. Evidence from the ‘inactivity physiology’ laboratory identifies ‘prolonged sitting’ as a potential health hazard. In addition, the diet confusion, environmental stress, genetically modified foods, negative emotions and other complex health issues do not favour the common office goer who has to spend hours at his or her desk striving to achieve targets and meet deadlines. Passive couch potatoes become rich soil for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers and other complicated health issues.

The symptoms below could be indicators that your body may be slowly progressing to a yet undiagnosed major illness!

Bad breath                          Brain fag              Fatigue                Poor memory

Acid reflux                          Indigestion          Regular headaches

Bloating / gas                     Regular Constipation / diarrhoea

Ongoing bodyaches          Sleep disturbances           Frequent urination

Joint pain & stiffness      Neck & shoulder pains         Dry / sensitive skin

Belly fat             Tripping & falling over often           Drenching sweat

Unusually cold         Food addiction               Panic / anxiety attacks

Uncontrollable anger & irritability          Sense of being overwhelmed

Decreased sex drive              Ongoing allergies

Stopping work is not the solution! Be a smart and active couch potato instead!

Be aware of what you do with

  1. Your feet: Sit, stand and walk at regular intervals. Standing for too long at your standing desk can cause varicose veins while sitting too long can be a health hazard.
  2. Your fingers: Watch what you eat! Be intentional about having proper meals three times a day. Include proteins in all your meals including breakfast.
  3. Your mind: Minimize your emotional baggage, focus your mind on good thoughts, be active about caring for one another be it at home or at work, feed your mind with good stuff, engage in a hobby or something you enjoy on a regular basis, have a pet.
  4. Your symptoms: Do not treat your symptoms lightly! Just because your doctor does not have a diagnosis for your set of symptoms, do not ignore them!

Homeopathy remedies the symptoms and aborts the disease process!Homeopathy plus healthy lifestyle habits help to make your immune system strong and robust. Remedies like Nux Vomica, Lycopodium, Aurum metallicum, Causticum, Calcarea Carb, Sulphur………tailored for active and passive couch potatoes, have helped innumerable leaders and managers to stay focused, alert, energetic and healthy in their stressful environment!

Be intentional about life!   Model health!    Inspire!     Create legacy! 


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