To see people set free from disease through Homeopathy and a diet change, thereby making them productive and valuable in society. My vision is also to bring down the health costs incurred by the health system by providing valuable health solutions thereby complementing and or replacing expensive, long term therapeutic procedures and therapies.


To assist people towards mental, emotional and physical health using a holistic approach through Homeopathic remedies and a suitable diet change in a manner that is safe and beneficial.


Presented below is Ruby George’s career profile as a Homeopath so that you can rest assured that you will receive optimum health care that is safe and natural at the hands of a Homeopath who is well trained with knowledge of Medicine and seasoned with over 26 years of experience.


Both the qualifications are on the same line at the moment.
Masters Degree in Business Administration – Auckland University of Technology
BHMS - Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery – Bombay University, India. [Five and a half years full time course with one year internship]. Subjects: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Preventive and Social Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Surgery (General Surgery, Dentistry and Ophthalmology), Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Medicine (General Medicine, Paediatrics, Skin and Psychology)
Homeopathy Subjects: Homeopathy Philosophy, Materia Medica (Homeopathy Pharmacology), Homeopathy Repertory and Therapeutics.
Internship: Six months at the Homeopathy Hospital and six months in a General Hospital with exposure to various departments including Surgery, Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Medicine.


Consultant Homeopath:
1990 to Current:
Henderson Medical Centre Pharmacy
2-4 Montel Avenue, Henderson, Auckland.
Consultant Homeopath:
Lynn Mall Medical Centre
Lynn Mall: New Lynn, Auckland.
Tutor in Medical Science & Homeopathy Pharmacology and Philosophy:
2006 to 2008:
Auckland College of Homeopathy
Kings Land, Auckland.


What to expect during the treatment?
First Consultation: III Stages
Download Case Questionnaire for -  INFANTS | CHILDREN | MEN | WOMEN

• On making an appointment, a case questionnaire will be emailed out to you
• Complete the case questionnaire and email it back to

Homeopathy has a holistic approach to disease and hence it is very important for us to know the physical symptoms in detail, the mental and emotional state of the patient and also the diet of the patient which may play an important role in precipitating or sustaining the diseased state. The mental and emotional state of the patient and traumatic life events could also be responsible for precipitating or sustaining the diseased state. In case of children, the emotional and mental state of the parents, especially the mother during pregnancy is very important for us - hence the detailed questionnaire. It may take a while to complete it but it is worth the effort as it will give me a clearer picture of the case.
Duration: 60 to 120 minutes. The duration will vary from case to case. (In case of children, please bring your child's favourite toy or material for drawing / colouring to keep the child occupied. Please carry some snacks for the child if needed)

What to expect:
• Review of the completed case questionnaire
• General physical examination
• First Prescription
• In the case of an infant being breast fed, the mother and the infant will be given medication and diet suggestions
The patient will be emailed dietary suggestions within 24 hours. 

Homeopathy, as a system, has no diet restrictions at all. However in my 22 years of practice it has been observed that patients with allergies, autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation and hypersensitivity, do very well with a diet that has reduced bran, sugar, oxalates and artificial colouring and preservatives. 

Dietary suggestions are only suggestions that will speed up recovery. It is not a must.
Second Follow-up: Usually after a week to review the response to the remedy given

Duration: 20 mins

What to expect :
  • Review of the case - old symptoms and any new developments.
  • General examination
  • Review of diet
  • Second prescription
Depends on the response of the patient. If the patient shows definite signs of improvement after the first week, then follow-ups are usually scheduled after 10 to 14 days.
After the first month, if patient continues to respond well, then follow-ups are scheduled after three to four weeks.

How long does the treatment last?

 (Asthmas and not asthma’s, eczemas and not eczema’s)

  • The duration of the treatment usually depends on the disease and whether the disease is acute (recent) or chronic (been there for a long time - over a month).
  • In case of acute disease like fever, coughs, colds or sprain, the treatment may last for a week or two. In case of loose stools and vomiting or gastro enteritis, the treatment may last for a period ranging from a day to 3 – 4 days or even less.
  • In case of asthma's, the treatment may last between 3-6 months or less depending on the age of the patient, the medicine they are taking and how long they have had asthma. Chronic asthmatics on high doses of steroid may have to take treatment over a year or two for complete relief.
  • In case of joint pains, eczema's and autoimmune disease, if the complaints are acute or recent, then the treatment should take no more than a week to two months. However if the complaints are more than 6 months old, then it may take at least 12 months before they are totally relieved of symptoms.
  • Every patient is unique and it is difficult to say how long the treatment will take but the Homeopath is always keen to ensure cure in the fastest way possible.

What to expect between follow ups or during the course of treatment

Symptoms and cure:

In Homeopathy, cure is based on Constantine Hering’s Law of Cure. Hering observed that:
  • Symptoms will surface as part of the curative process since the body seeks to externalize disease. This means that some symptoms which have been suppressed may surface during the course of the treatment for example a skin eruption may suddenly appear. The patient should not panic but contact the homeopath immediately. This symptom will remain for a few days and then disappear. The symptom should be allowed to run its course without any non-homeopathic intervention for this may result in suppression of symptoms which could be harmful.
  • A person’s symptoms will appear and disappear in the reverse order of their appearance upon the body. A patient may therefore experience old symptoms during the healing process. These symptoms will appear for a few days and then disappear. If the patient is concerned about the appearance of these symptoms, he or she should contact the homeopath without delay and not try to suppress them with other medication.
  • The body heals from top to bottom and from more vital organs to less vital organs. If a patient has rash all over his body then as cure progresses, the rash will disappear from the head, then the face and then the hands, and last from the feet. If a patient is treated for pneumonia and rash, the pneumonia will be cured first and the rash will disappear last since lungs are more vital or important than the skin.

What if you have doubts about the medication or symptoms in between appointments?

  • In case of doubts about the medication or symptoms in between appointments, either text or email me and I will answer except in circumstances beyond my control.
  • When do we stop treatment: When patient is totally symptom free for at least 3 months.
  • Medicinal aggravation: Occasionally patients may experience aggravation of symptoms after taking the medication. In case of an aggravation, patients should not panic but contact the Homeopath immediately. Medicinal aggravations usually settle down very quickly and will usually follow with a complete relief of symptoms. In case the aggravation is unbearable and the Homeopath cannot be contacted for some reason, application of Vicks or drinking a black cup of coffee will relieve the aggravation. However this will completely antidote the medication and the doses will have to be administered once again in a lower strength. 

Ongoing support between appointments

  •  Email: Can communicate your queries or concerns through email. In case you need an urgent response, text or call.
  • Free consultation within the first week: if the patient comes up with a symptom that needs urgent attention within the first five days (first consultation/follow -up) of administrating the remedy.
  • Liaising with the GP or specialist if needed.
  • Hope this answers your questions regarding the regime of Homeopathy treatment.