Common Remedies

Aconitum Napellus (Aconite Nap)

Popular for complaints caused by dry cold weather, very hot weather or fright.Common Use:

Aconite is usually given in the following instances:
1. Acute, sudden and violent onset of complaints especially inflammation, fever.
2. Acute conjunctivitis – eyes feel dry and hot with sand in them. 3. Complaints that arise after sudden fright
4. Hoarse dry croupy cough where patient grasps his throat every time he coughs
5. Palpitation with anxiety, fainting and tingling in fingers

Aethusa Cynapium

Marked inability to digest milk Given commonly in the following instances:


1. Complaints that arise from the inability to digest milk
2. Loose stools and vomiting due to indigestion of milk. Undigested thin greenish stools preceded by colic.
3. Infants who drink milk and vomit instantly – hungry after vomiting.
4. Difficult to think or focus attention – brain fag.
5. Restless anxious crying in infants and children.

Antimonium Crudum (Ant Crud)

Popular for gastric complaints, gout and horny growths on skin with excessive irritability and fretfulness Commonly used in instances of:

1. Complaints aggravated by heat and cold bathing, acids, sour wines, bread and pastry.
2. The child is so irritable that child cannot bear to be touched or looked at.
3. Headache from cold bathing (in the sea) or from a disordered stomach from eating candies or acid wines.
4. Desire for acids and pickles.
5. Constant belching and bloating after eating. Diarrhoea alternates with constipation.
6. Arthritis of fingers 7. Feet tender – soles covered with horny growths or thickened skin. Inflamed corns.
8. Warts, chicken pox.
9. Continual drowsiness in senior citizens.

Antimonium Tartaricum (Antimony Tart)

A good remedy for respiratory complaints with rattling mucus and little expectoration. Drowsiness, exhaustion and sweat accompany most of the complaints.Antimony Tart is usually given in the following instances:

1. Bronchitis and asthmatic bronchitis with rattling mucus and little expectoration.
2. In case of breathlessness where the patient is not able to bring out the mucus.

Apis Mellifica

Apis is an excellent remedy to counter the effects of bee sting. It acts on all cellular tissue causing swelling of the skin and mucus membranes with stinging pain.Apis is commonly used in the following instances:

1. Bee sting.
2. Swelling, redness and stinging pain in any part of the body.
3. Acute urinary tract infection with stinging pain at the end of urination.
4. Cellulitis.

Arnica Montana

Complaints similar to those resulting from falls, injuries, blows and contusions. Common Use :Arnica is usually given in the following instances:

1. In case of fall where the patient hits the head against a hard surface.
2. In case of bruises after trauma – Arnica has the capability of absorbing blood.
3. In cases of sore bruised muscular pain after long hikes or unusual physical exertion for example after a picnic or sports day.
4. Acts as a prophylactic against pus formation.
5. Given before and after surgery to deal with the trauma incurred to the system – reduces bleeding after surgery — especially useful in cases after tooth extraction.
6. Given for present complaints that have resulted from old injuries

Arsenic Album

Popular as an excellent remedy for frequent bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea with extreme tiredness and restlessness resulting from eating stale meat, fish, cheese or after vaccinations.Arsenic is usually given in the following cases:

1. Frequent bouts of vomiting and loose stools.
2. Tremendous exhaustion – difficult to get up from bed – feels very weak.
3. Restlessness.
4. Fever.
5. Hay fever with frequent bouts of sneezing and watery discharge from nose.
6. Complaints resulting from ice cream – sudden collection of mucus in chest.
7. Burning pains, heart burns or acidity.

Arsenic is a good remedy to carry especially when travelling abroad or going camping.


Belladonna is used in the first stage of inflammation where there is heat, redness, throbbing and burning with neuralgic pain (nerve pain) that comes and goes suddenly. Sudden and violent onset of symptoms with red, hot skin, flushed face, glaring eyes, throbbing carotids and an excited mental state calls for the use of the remedy.Belladonna is usually used in the following instances:

1. First stage of inflammation where there is sudden onset of symptoms and an excited mental state.
2. Fevers that have a sudden onset and where other symptoms match.
3. Preventive in air sickness.
4. Otitis media – child cries out in sleep.
5. Nose bleed.
6. Mastitis.
7. Tickling short dry cough worse at night.
8. The patient dreads drinking water.

Bryonia Alba

Ailment from carrying heavy loads, raw leafy vegetables that are hard to digest, wine, fruits, wheat.Sphere of action: Serous membranes, mucus membranes, liver, fibrous tissue and respiratory system.

Bryonia is usually given in the following instances:
1. Pain in muscles and joints aggravated by movement.
2. Dryness of all mucus membranes.
3. Pain that is better by applying hard pressure.
4. Pain the abdomen aggravated by movement and better with hard pressure.
5. Constipation with hard dry stools.

Calcarea Carb

Calcarea carb is usually prescribed for patients who have been slowed down from excessive work, excessive consumption of milk. These patients sweat profusely, are slow in their movements and get tired easily. They have a lot of fears – fear of the dark, fear of people, fear of animals, fear of disease.Sphere of action: Mind, circulation, hormones, gastro-intestinal system, respiratory system, joints, and urinary system Calcarea carb is usually given in cases of:

1. Delayed milestones and for infants where the fontanelles remain open for longer than normal.
2. Easy exhaustion with excessive sweating.
3. Arthritis.
4. Kidney stones.
5. Gall bladder stones.
6. Excessively cold soles of feet – they feel they are wearing wet socks.
7. Tumours and growths.
8. Menstrual problems.
9. Recurrent colds and coughs.

Calcarea carb acts on almost all levels of the system and is valuable in chronic disease where sluggishness sets in at all levels slowing down all the metabolic processes.

Calcarea Phos

Calcarea Phos has special affinity to bones and teeth. Therefore it is useful in complaints of delayed dentition and complaints during dentition. It is an invaluable remedy for bone disease and non-union of fractured bones. Calcarea Phos also acts well in cases of anaemia after acute disease. It is very valuable in cases of recurrent chest infections/ bronchitis after pneumonia.Sphere of action: Teeth, bones, glands, respiratory system

Calcarea Phos is used in the following instances:
1. Delayed and difficult dentition.
2. Difficult union of fractures.
3. Adenoid growths.
4. Colicky pain in abdomen at every attempt to eat.
5. Headaches in school girls.
6. Children/people who do not put on weight after episodes of pneumonia.
7. Poor digestion.

Carbo Vegetabilis / Carbo Veg

Popular for flatulence or gas problems and allergic reactions that occur from consuming chic peas and other lentils.Sphere of action: Blood vessels especially the veins, gastro-intestinal tract, lungsCarbo veg is usually given in the following instances:

1. Flatulence or gas problems where the patient feels bloated or pain shifts from one region of the abdomen to the other and is relieved by passing wind.
2. Complaints that follow the consumption of chic peas, green peas, kumara, potatoes or any other lentils.
3. Vomiting and diarrhoea (loose stools) after eating old, spoiled rice or vegetables.
4. Asthma.

Hepar Sulph

A valuable remedy for boils or abscesses that is very painful to touch. Hepar sulph has the capability to absorb pus and heal infected wounds and abscesses. Patients are very sensitive to cold and touch.Ailments from: Suppressed eruptions, cold breeze Hepar sulph is useful in cases of:

1. Colds, coughs and asthma that result after exposure to icy cold winds or cold in any form. The discharges usually have a sour smell.
2. Abscesses.
3. Wounds that do not heal easily.

Ipecacuanha (Ipecac)

Ailments from: Anger, indigestible food, raisins, dry fruits, cakes, fruits, berries, wine, chocolates, chocolate drinks, milk shakes, excess chips, coke, fruit juice, Easter eggs, food colour (normally found in Butter chicken, lollies, jellies).Ipecac is usually prescribed in cases of:

1. Persistent nausea with or without vomiting. Nausea not relieved by vomiting.
2. Cold, cough and fever. High fever at night settles by morning and then begins to rise again by 3 p.m.
3. Feverish feeling all the time without actual fever.
4. Loose stools.
5. Itchy bites.
6. Pain in the legs, pain in the abdomen around the umbilicus and headache.
7. Asthma.
8. Bronchitis and bronchiolitis.

Mercurius (Merc Sol)

Excellent remedy for frequent loose stools with blood and mucus lower abdominal pain resulting from eating contaminated food or excess of sugar.Sphere of action: Mucous membranes, intestines, lymphatic system, nerves.Merc Sol is usually given in cases of:

1. Sore throat from consumption of excess of sugar.
2. Loose stools with mucous and blood with abdominal pain. The urge for stool is not relieved by passing stools. Frequent stools.
3. Skin eruptions – boils.
4. Behavioural disorders of kids similar to ‘Attention Deficit Syndromes’.
5. Symptoms of Parkinsonism.

Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica is popular among people who usually work in offices and have a job that confines them to their desks or work stations all day – people who get addicted to coffee, energy drinks and alcohol and irregular meal times due to stress and targets at work.Sphere of action:

Nerves and digestive system.
Nux Vomica is usually given in cases of: 1.People who get easily irritated and react with violent anger.
2. Indigestion problems.
3. Irritable bowel syndrome.
4. Backaches.
5. Severe menstrual pain.
6. Loose stools or constipation – Cannot pass stools though there is an urge to pass stools but feels relieved once he passes stools.

Rhus Tox

Rhus tox is an excellent remedy for inflammation, autoimmune reactions and complaints that occur as a result of deep insecurity.Sphere of action: Mucus membranes, lymphatic glands, skin, muscular tissue and joints.

Rhus tox is usually given in the following instances:
1. Pain in the joints and muscles resulting from sprains or systemic inflammation.
2. Swelling of joints.
3. Pains are usually relieved by movement and aggravated by rest.
4. Eczema.
5. Symptoms of influenza.
6. Allergies.
7. Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsonism


Silicea, though a long and deep acting medicine, it is a valuable remedy for aborting abscesses and any form of suppuration. It also counters bad effects of vaccination

Spheres of action: Skin, mucous membranes, bone, nerves, glands, lachrymal duct, Eustachian tube Silicea is usually given in cases of:
Recurrent abscesses.
Recurrent styes on the eyelids.
Ear infections.
Excessive sweating.
Wounds that do not heal easily.
Hydrocele in children.
Asthma, respiratory tract infections.
Delayed milestones in kids.

Natrum Mur

Natrum Mur is a remedy that counteracts the effects of excessive salt consumption or intense grief either from the death of family or a dear one or complaints that arise from the break up of a relationship. Natrum mur patients are very sensitive to smells of perfumes or any strong odours.Main spheres of action: Mucous membranes, blood, skin and mind

Natrum mur is usually given in cases of:
1. Emotional and physical complaints that result after intense grief.
2. Hay fever – sneezing and runny nose with a watery discharge.
3. Aborts attacks of hay fever.
4. Eczema, chicken pox or any eruptions that look like a water filled bubble.
5. Regulates blood pressure.
6. Counters the effects of taking excessive honey and salt.

Natrum Sulph

Natrum Sulph is valuable in patients who develop complaints after getting wet in the rain, living in damp houses or grief. They are known to go through symptoms of depression and retain water easily in their bodies.

Spheres of action: Mind, gastro-intestinal tract, liver, sinuses, respiratory system, joints.
Natrum sulph is a useful remedy for:
1. Sinusitis.
2. Body ache and fever.
3. Irritable bowel syndrome.
4. Arthritis.
5. Bronchitis.


Sulphur is a long acting remedy with a special affinity for the skin and chronic inflammation. Sulphur is usually prescribed in cases:

1. Burning pain and heat.
2. Itching worse by the heat of the bed.
3. Red orifices.
4. Dry and hard hair and skin.
5. Dislike of water – aversion to bathing, dirty, filthy.
6. Complaints are worse by standing.
7. Discharges are offensive.
Sulphur deals with the inherited tendencies for skin problems besides other complaints.

Tuberculinum Bovinum

Tuberculinum is given in case of tendencies for recurrent cold and respiratory infections or recurrent infections in any part of the body. Suited to individuals and kids who are bold leaders but verbally abusive.

Tuberculinum is usually prescribed in cases:
1. Recurrent infections.
2. Bronchitis.
3. Constantly changing symptoms.
4. Epilepsy.
5. Skin affections.
6. Articular rheumatism.

Thuja Occidentalis

Thuja is most often prescribed to counter the bad effects of vaccination and inherited tendencies for growths and tumours.

Thuja is usually prescribed in cases:
1. Illnesses that come up after vaccinations.
2. Warts and spongy tumours, polyps.
3. Rapid exhaustion and emaciation.
4. Arthritis.
5. Asthma in children.
6. Gonorrhoeal rheumatism.

Remedies For:


Cold, cough, asthma, fever, body ache, sinusitis, hay fever


Colic, loose stools, vomiting, ongoing nausea


Teething problems, colic, acid reflux and sleeplessness in infants


Migraines, school children’s headache


Conjunctivitis, stye, eye strain


Ear ache, discharge from the ear (otitis media)


Mouth ulcers, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, toothache, trigeminal neuralgia


Irritable bowel syndrome, acidity, constipation, piles, fissures


Management of gall bladder & liver disease Complaints during pregnancy and post natal period including depression


Menstrual problems & hot flushes, fibroid, ovarian cysts, thyroid problems


Erectile dysfunction, prostate problems


Urinary tract infections, incontinence of urine, frequent urination


Joint pains, muscular pain, soft tissue injuries, arthritis, sciatica, backaches


Eczema, skin rashes, boils, acne, pimples, dandruff, hair fall


Mood changes, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, Sleep disorders


Management of autism and Attention Deficit Disorders Stress related symptoms: neck, shoulder pain, memory & concentration issues


Chronic fatigue syndrome, RSI, neuralgia


Prevention of coronary blocks, cataract, maintenance of blood pressure


Prevention of recurrence of cancers, strengthening of immune system


Management of dementia, Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s disease