Eczema: One dose of a medicine and Diet, eczema was completely cured

Dr Ruby George has been my family doctor for over a decade now. It all started with a minor eczema I had, which I was slowly getting used to as no one I consulted was able to find a cure. It was at that time I consulted Dr Ruby to get my Menstrual cycle fixed and I happened to mention about this eczema. The moment she looked at it, there came the reason and solution. It was quite surprising for me because the prescription was only for one dose of a medicine and change in my diet. Well, I must say that that was all it needed, completely avoid or reduce the intake of store- brought- artificially flavored juices. The eczema was completely cured.

Ever since, she has been our trusted homeopath for all kinds of issues,
whether it’s my improper menstruation, eczema, food allergy, flue or that
allergic sneeze. This history only gave me the confidence to tell her about my son’s allergic sneeze. Although we were far away from New Zealand, I knew that she would be able to cure it and again she proved me right.
If you ask me what is it so special about her, the answer is I don’t know
exactly, but there is something about her that makes her all different from
other doctors..



Eczema: 7 year old girl covered in eczema treated with Homeopathy!

My 7 year old daughter had eczema. Nothing  was working on her. We were trying all steroid creams on her as per GP. But she was not getting any better – in fact the more we used those steroid creams more worse she was got. It was rough and horrible time for my daughter and for the  whole family. My daughter was in real pain and we were just feeling hopeless.  We tried all the things that we could at that time but nothing helped her.

But things changed since we started going to Dr Ruby. When I went to the clinic all I hoped for my daughter was to get some relief and be able to go to sleep at night. It is difficult to believe that my daughter’s eczema was not letting her to go to sleep. She had broken sleep and she was crying and itching all the time. I still can’t believe that my little girl had to go through
 with that horrible time. She is better now. It’s been 1 year that we have been seeing Dr Ruby. Her medication and diet plan miraculously worked on my daughter. 

When we started the treatment I was not sure how long it will take for her to get better and till what extent she will get relief. I had to follow a diet plan and actually I am still following it. She started getting relief within a month’s time. With homeopathic treatment things come out on your body. Or I should say what has been suppressed by steroid creams would come out. And same happened with my daughter. I was panicking that time but
 Ruby’s continuous support helped me and my daughter to get through that stage. Once that stage got over, I started seeing more improvement on her condition and it continued getting better. She is better now. But I still have to follow her diet.

Dr Ruby is a phone call away if in case I need her. She has help my daughter beyond my expectations. She has come to my life as god’s gift, a true miracle. She was able to help me in a very difficult time. She is a genius.

Now I have started taking my son as well to Dr Ruby for his asthma related problems. My son’s asthma is under control but he gets wheezing when
it’s cold or when season changes. After seeing my daughter’s improvement I am confident that even my son will get proper relief from his asthma.

In this whole 1 year experience I would say that you have to have a faith, you have to believe that if you follow the treatment you will get better..

With Regards, 



Arthritis, Irritable Bowel and High Blood Pressure

By way of testimonial for your treatment, I would like to say thank you for all that has been achieved towards regaining my health since I came to you for consultation and treatment. There is clear evidence of improvements with chronic problems that I have had for years, which have been verified through Western traditional medicine. For example, there have been scans of my digestive system and I have been told that there are great changes for the better, that cannot be accounted for, except through the homeopathic remedies that I have taken, and the changes in diet. Also my blood pressure has returned to normal, and has stayed within normal ranges – whereas I had been under threat of taken ongoing traditional medication for the remainder of my life, even though I am only in my early sixties. Another symptom – a numb toe – which I had suffered with for several years – is not completely cured but is greatly improved and still continues to make gradual progress. My expectation is that this too will eventually be cured.

Finally, I have ended up with a kind of first aid kit of homeopathic remedies, so that when I have been overseas or on holiday, I have been able to cope with minor health issues or slight relapses in symptoms in a successful and timely way – and been able to enjoy myself – without unexpected hospitalisations – which has occurred on some of my times overseas and on holiday.

Thank you.
Kind regards,

Judith M


Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) – post transplant recovery

Ruby aunty is very close family friend and our families have known each other for decades now. When I was relapsed with AML (leukemia), I started working with aunty on a more holistic approach to my healing. It wasn’t just homeopathy, it was a complete package of love, where prayer came foremost. It’s amazing that a doctor believes in prayer first 🙂

So apart from the homeopathy treatment, she corrected my diet and has been advising me on eating healthy. We have regular Skype meetings and after all the help and medical advise, we always end the call with prayer. She is contactable 24/7 and is always just a message away. Few days back I had a severe episode of indigestion/acidity and was having severe chest pain. I couldn’t sleep through the night. All along aunty kept advising about the different homeo meds and the dosages, and I had them as advised. By early morning the chest pain subsided and I was able to sleep well late into the day.

Thank you aunty for all your help, guidance and prayers.

Jeson C, London


Eczema: 7 year old girl covered in eczema treated with Homeopathy!

After years of battling with my daughters skin problems, many visits to our doctor and specialists only to be given creams and steroids and no real answers, I was ready to try anything.  We were recommended to visit Ruby and I’m so glad we did. Ruby changed my daughter diet to help heal from the inside out and within weeks we noticed a difference and so far after a couple of months her skin looks amazing.



Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Skin Treated with Homeopathy

Ruby is a very professional homeopath who gives excellent service and has a very through approach to her work. I have been helped in my IBS symptoms, diet, and have seen a considerable improvement in my skin. I would not hesitate to refer Ruby to others..



Excess of iron in the blood requiring weekly hospital visits treated with Homeopathy

Ruby saved/changed my life. I highly recommended seeing her for any health problems. I struggled with my health for 5 years, I had stomach and immunity problems, I had developed a allergy to wheat, a blood condition and I had trouble breathing.

After seeing 4 doctors, and numerous tests done at the hospital, and a visit to a Homeopath who wasted my time and money… I had no answers.

Finally in desperation I saw Ruby. She looked at my whole life, diet, relationships, my past, my family history. She asked me to make changes, mostly diet related. I was sceptical at first, but with no other option I followed her advice.

Almost immediately I improved. Within 2-3 months I was a lot better. Going on a year now, and I have completely recovered.

Thank you Ruby. God bless you. I will be forever grateful..



Arthritis, Irritable Bowel and High Blood Pressure,Recurrent Colds and Sore throats.

“Dr Ruby George is a very skilled homeopath and would be my first port of call if any of my family were unwell. We first visited Ruby when my son was 3 as he was getting recurrent sniffles and sore throats which the antibiotics prescribed did nothing for. By following Rubys diet advice and administering her homeopathic remedies at the first sign he quickly improved and now maintains extremely good health – he has never been to the doctors in the last 8 years. Thanks Ruby.”


Integrated Therapy: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Dizziness, Anxiety Attacks

I am under treatment of Dr. Ruby George for the last six months. My personal experience has been extremely good. I have been able to stop few allopathic medicines and reduce some others, while using homeopathic medicines on a need basis or occasionally.
The issues that I can manage better with homeopathic medicines include IBS , dizziness and anxiety attacks . But for Ruby’s care and treatment I would have been taking more allopathic medicines .My health has improved in the last six months since I first started homeopathic treatment under her.
Overall, I have trust and faith in her abilities in terms on diagnosis, experience ,discipline and follow-up to eliminate the root cause of the issue while also getting supported with overall advise in terms of lifestyle and food habits to restore wellness and health.
I would strongly recommend her as your physician and counselor who will work with you to manage your wellness and medical issues with all the sincerity and attention you can ever expect from a doctor and a friend. Commercial gain is the last thing on her agenda and her practice is mission focused to get your well.
Thank you Ruby.

A V, Malaysia


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have been consulting Ruby since about 6 months for my son 6 year old son Rafael. He was diagnosed as being ASD and had several issues like picky eating,lack of fine motor skills, speech delay, attention deficiency, temper tantrums etc. I have stopped giving him Allopathy medicines even for his flu and fever. 6 months down the line, I have a boy who is a better eater, has started writing slowly (if not very well), is more receptive and has lesser temper issues. I would also say that his immunity is much better, doesnt fall sick that often. Ruby also prescribed a diet for my son – mainly sugar free and gluten free and more proteins. It definitely is showing results in my son. Anytime he eats cakes, fruits or sweets, he tends to be cranky or have symptoms of flu. I only noticed this after my consultations with Ruby, never really realized this in the past. I have started believing in Homeopathy and I plan to get my daughter on it as well! Thanks Ruby for being there whenever I had any doubt or needed some advice for my son – the distance between NZ and Singapore never really was an issue.



Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) – post transplant recovery

Ruby George Homeopathy – a mercy from God
By Gods grace the diet, lifestyle and homeopathy remedies advised by Dr Ruby recovered my health naturally. I am feeling very healthy after my bone marrow transplant with no sign of disease anymore. My body metabolism has improved tremendously by the homeopathy remedies. I would recommend Ruby George Homeopath to any one who is having AML related health issues. God bless the clinic and the patients.



Chronic indigestion and High Blood Pressure

My name is Girish and I am from India. I am working as an executive for a Bank in India.
I wish to state my testimonial on the use of homeopathic medicine, as prescribed by Dr. Ruby Kiran George.
In one instance, when I was feeling very sick in my stomach. I contacted Dr Ruby and she prescribed a remedy. After having two to three doses, I felt relieved of the illness and I did not feel any discomfort thereafter.
I also had high blood pressure over a period of time, which was remedied through homeopathic medication. I also had cholesterol that got lowered, with homeopathic medication.
I have also got relieved of periodic backaches with homeopathic medication.”

Girish K (India)